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SignNow is a secure eSignature solution allowing organizations to obtain legally binding signatures from customers, partners, and employees in seconds, reducing document turnaround up to 90%. SignNow offers a range of deployment options:

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This paperless approach to document control allows you to electronically manage document workflow and securely store critical documents, eliminating scanners, faxes, printers, and document storage.


Understanding Barracuda Mobile Companion

This article assumes the device is enrolled in Barracuda Mobile Device Manager.

Barracuda Mobile Companion is a mobile app that runs on Android- and iOS-based devices and connects with Barracuda Mobile Device Manager. It is free and is available on the Google Play App Store and the iTunes App Store.

Device Requirements

  • Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 6.0 and higher
  • Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.0) and higher


The following table describes the features available through the Barracuda Mobile Companion App.

Table 1. Features of the Barracuda Mobile Companion App.


Device settings

  • View device settings
  • Unenroll a device using the application

Enrollment status

  • View Barracuda Mobile Device Manager enrollment status


  • View details about profiles installed on a device

Enable alerts

  • Enable alerts for changes to a device so that you can approve installation or uninstallation of applications and profiles(1).


  • Approve installation or uninstallation of applications and profiles.(1)

Access resources

  • View files shared by the administrator using Microsoft OneDrive or OneDrive for Business.
  • Sign PDF files shared by the administrator through SignNow (iOS only)


  • Contact the corporate or school support team from a device
  • View Help documentation


  • Credentials used to log into the Barracuda Mobile Companion App can be used to authenticate to Exchange ActiveSync servers, email servers, VPN, LDAP servers, calendar servers, and contact servers

Location services

  • Select whether to enable Location services to allow the administrator to view a device location via GPS


  • Receive administrator messages sent to the device

(1) This option can be overridden by the administrator.

Understanding Barracuda Mobile Companion

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