About SignNow

SignNow is a secure eSignature solution allowing organizations to obtain legally binding signatures from customers, partners, and employees in seconds, reducing document turnaround up to 90%. SignNow offers a range of deployment options:

  • Cloud
  • Virtual machine (VM) appliance

This paperless approach to document control allows you to electronically manage document workflow and securely store critical documents, eliminating scanners, faxes, printers, and document storage.


Three-Legged Oauth

Ruby apps can use the omniauth-sign-now library to simplify this process.

1. First Step

Redirect user to SignNow auth page; provide a redirect uri for the user to return to once they have authorized your application at{CLIENT_ID}&response_type=code&redirect_uri={YOUR_REDIRECT_URI}


2. Second Step

After the user has authorized your application at, they will be redirected to the redirect uri that you provided; a code query parameter will be provided.


3. Third Step

Use the provided code parameter to get an access token from SignNow.

curl --header "Authorization: Basic {BASIC TOKEN}" --data 'grant_type=authorization_code&code={CODE}'

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Three-Legged Oauth

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