About SignNow

SignNow is a secure eSignature solution allowing organizations to obtain legally binding signatures from customers, partners, and employees in seconds, reducing document turnaround up to 90%. SignNow offers a range of deployment options:

  • Cloud
  • Virtual machine (VM) appliance

This paperless approach to document control allows you to electronically manage document workflow and securely store critical documents, eliminating scanners, faxes, printers, and document storage.


Create an Organization

This step is not required but highly recommended.

  1. Log in to the SignNow Admin panel, and click Organizations.
  2. Enter a name to represent the organization in the Name field, and click Add Organization.
    3.The Domains section displays. Enter the organization's domain, and click Add Domain.
  3. (Optional) In the Auto Export Servers section, set the auto export parameters, and click Add Auto Export Server. This automatically sends user documents to the specified export location.
  4. (Optional) Use the Logos section to upload an image to replace the SignNow logo in emails and the web application.

Continue with Admin Settings.

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Create an Organization

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